Spear Burung (Monkey Siluman Spirit) – ZK-402—MARRIED


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Spear Burung (Monkey Siluman Spirit)

Mystical virtues :
– Guard one’s home or premise from magical attacks
– Attract wealth and prosperity
– Helps to weaken opponents, enemies that wish to destroy your business or career.

Spear Burung (Monkey Siluman Spirit)

This unique magical Spear in a shape of a Bird/Swan brings fortune and luck to its owner from all points of the compass as well as unexpected windfalls, it likewise can assist in career development or a new business or even an established business will receive a boost with the assistance of this powerful Monkey Siluman Spirit entity that is versatile, intelligent and skilled in many different aspects. The magical Siluman Spirit of this spear can also be commanded to work on projects or tasks directly as a versatile positive entity suitable for practitioners. These entity spirits are considered a rare species within the magical kingdoms of Indonesia. An excellent item to keep and easy to maintain. Suitable for anyone.

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