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About Our Keris Certificates

Ancient Keris provides all kerises with certificates of authenticity. These certificates are issued by a renowned antiques museum in Indonesia. The museum has no professional or personal relationship with Ancient Keris or ManiZone Ltd; they are an entirely independent organisation, which we use to certify our items.
The kerises we select have already been certified by the museum as antiques and the museum specialists are able to tell us specific details about the characteristics of the keris i.e. the pamor (design), the place of origin and most importantly its age. The certificate also includes details about the keris style, the era it was made in, and more details about, its hilt, sheath and other physical characteristics.
We have strict procedures to make certain that all the kerises we offer are genuine and are the age that is mentioned. We have come across many sellers who have attempted to sell fake kerises, however, they do not have proof of its age and originality. Sellers such as these tend to sell on auction sites such as eBay.
Apart from the characteristics and material aspect of the keris, we ensure our two independent psychics also scan and verify the magickal properties (Virtues) of each keris and its indwelling Khodam Spirit Servant. We also advise on the methods to feed the keris and further information on how to use/wield its powers. is the first online seller of fully certified kerises. We are the first and only to provide such assurance in our products and services. All the kerises you find listed are genuine antiques. We do not use special treatment on our products to make them look older. We want to ensure that our clients have better assurance, accurate information about its origin, genuineness and its properties and we can only do this through strict procedures. Therefore, with the confirmation from our certificates of authenticity and our intensive psychic scans, you can be assured that these kerises have been appropriately analysed to be offered to you as genuine kerises.

Museum Certificate

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