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Welcome to Ancient Keris, where you will find a selection of Keris blades, or Kris as it’s sometimes known, that possess magical properties, as well as meditation and mystical powers.

Ancient Keris Artifacts & Antique Keris Weapons

The power of the Keris blade has fascinated man for thousands of years, however, the Keris is unique and the forces within it go far beyond that of metal honed to perfection. Even though the Keris looks to be a physical weapon, it is believed they were never made for combat, but for the sole purpose of being spiritual objects. Others believe that Keris’ were made to kill a particular enemy, and after this act of combat was complete, they were ‘retired’ and used for their supernatural and spiritual properties only.

Keris are highly sought after and collected by many, these keris blades have been produced across many regions of Indonesia for centuries. Originating in Java, Keris swords are not just seen as a weapon or accessory, but rather an important heirloom that has its own presence. It is tradition for Javanese grooms to wear a Keris adorned with chains of jasmine flowers as part of their wedding costume.

Mystical & shamanic Keris weapons

Some Keris spears have been crafted entirely as a mystical weapon with spiritual purposes, which is why they cannot be manufactured by ordinary blacksmiths. They are carefully created by specialist craftsmen called Empu, who not only have the skills of a metal forger but are also honoured with spiritual prowess which they confer on each weapon they make. As a result, Empu are highly revered in Indonesian society not only for their skills, but also for the specific spiritual natures they are able to bestow on each blade.

Combining raw, powerful reality with a spiritual energy that can be utilized for either good or evil, the Keris is an important force compared to other weapons with a similar physical nature. Once crafted, the mystical spirit of Khodams, Jinns or Genies is fed with the perfumes of either aromatic oils or incense to make it more powerful and develop. The different ways a Keris is used will reflect its powers, with some providing spiritual and black magick protection, whilst others are used to add great power to a ritual or rite.

Each Keris sold here at Ancient Keris holds an indwelling spirit from which only positive energy flows. The occult item you choose may be used to protect the keeper, perform rites, confer good luck or fulfil desires. Others are empowered to provide wealth or even aide with your spiritual development. Whether you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey, or are an advanced practitioner of the mystical arts, we’re certain you will find something suited to your needs in our catalogue.


Keris Or Kris & Indonesian Shamanism

Indonesia is the renowned home of the Keris (also known as Kris) and the distinction between this piece of weaponry and other swords or daggers comes with the spiritual forces which are invested in it during forging. Each piece is made not only with a specific intention, but it is also invested with an individual spirit intelligence. Often used in the practice of Shamanism, the Keris can interact with the spirit world and assist the practitioner in communicating through altered states of consciousness.

This heirloom which is passed down from generations in its native lands is something to be valued, revered and treasured. It represents history projected into the future and instils values and beliefs that bring upon good to its keeper. The very nature of a Keris will help you manage the passage of your existence, whether you’re an apprentice or advanced practitioner of shamanism and rituals.

Choosing your Keris

Explore our catalogue of ancient Keris artifacts and magical talismanic items to find a Keris blade that meets your requirements. All of our products have been through psychic scanning by two individual adepts, ensuring that accurate information is provided, alongside full instructions on how to use and feed it. If you would like any help when choosing your Keris, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ancient Keris Swords & Spears
Ancient Keris Swords & Spears
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