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About Us


Ancient Keris provides all kerises with certificates of authenticity. These certificates are issued by a renowned antiques museum in Indonesia. The museum has no professional or personal relationship with Ancient Keris or ManiZone Ltd; they are an entirely independent organisation, which we use to certify our items.


An Introduction to Keris

Keris blades have existed for thousands of years, yet many are uninitiated in regard to the fascinating history of these highly collectable and sought after blades. For those who know the Keris, their magical, supernatural and spiritual properties are famous and one of things that makes them so prized and extraordinary. Keris knives or blades are also known as Kris blades, but the proper term is Keris rather than Kris which is a European term. The word is pronounced Kerēse with a long e vowel sound on the second e; the word Keris comes from the Malaise language which means to “stab” or to “pierce.”

Even though the origin of the name indicates that the knife was used as a weapon, it has been said that they were actually not made for combat, but rather as spiritual objects which protected their owners, warned them of impending danger and even allowed them to peek into the future. Other legends state that Keris’ were certainly made for combat and some were even made to kill a particular enemy and was “retired” after this act.

Origins of the Keris

These beautiful and mystical blades originated in the Malay Archipelago. It is reported that their creation began as in the 7th Century. Keris blades are indigenous to Malaysia, Indonesia and the southern Philippines. They are similar in reverence to the natives of these countries as Samuri swords are to Japanese natives. Some scholars believe that the first Keris’ were inspired by daggers of the Dong-Son of Vietnam which existed as early as 300 B.C. More study and research is being done into the exact origins of these mysterious blades by studying early carvings found in Southeast Asia.

All the keris you find listed below have been through psychic scanning by two different adepts, to ensure that you have accurate information as to its properties and use. You will receive full instructions, including the name of the spirit, its special powers, how to use it, and how to feed it. They also come fully certified as antiques.

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