Psychic Verification

Keris Genie Spirit Psychic Verification

Psychic Verification

Ancient Keris will provide the most genuine and authentic magickal kerises. To remain dedicated in this, we carry out several extensive psychic verification scans throughout the acquisition of the magickal items and perform continual scrutiny on those who provide them.

Our kerises are of highest quality and of positive energies. All the kerises offered on our site will contain a spirit entity, known as a ‘khodam’ commonly known as a ‘genie’ or ‘jinn’ in the Western terms. In Indonesia, the term ‘khodam’ is given to something that serves. All items sold by us will have khodams or jinns who will work in positive manners with the individual to manifest the desired outcome. Over time, more key information will be released the individual about the keris or the khodam. However, the individual will need to build a trusting relationship with the khodam, through deep meditation and continual practice in order to access this. Other kerises may simply require you to carry them on you (if small enough), or place them in your home, office or environment for their benefits to affect you.

There are many sellers in the market today, trying to get rid of kerises with little or no power, but also kerises which are infused with negative energies. These were initially made for enemies to give to one another to attract negative energies and bad luck. They would work on deteriorating the individual’s aura and draw only negative forces. Not all khodams or jinns are evil and not all are good mannered or positive natured. We have therefore put into place a psychic verification process which will minimise the threat of these kerises entering our stock.

Our adepts in Indonesia will test to check that the ones we are being supplied are only those of good mannered and positive energies. We buy directly from trusted sources that provide only high quality kerises. We do not rely on resellers, who may attempt to sell from sites such as Ebay, their personal collections or other websites who state they have valued items, which are not approved by anyone with psychic capabilities or where no verification of the item has been made or recorded.

Our Verification Procedure

This is the first of our scans, mainly done by our business partners in Indonesia, who acquire and deal directly with the suppliers/shamans. The selection of the appropriate kerises will be made by our expert in Indonesia, he is a highly developed spiritual individual who specialises and has personally collected kerises for more than 25 years. The kerises will be tested using psychometric and clairvoyance as well as empathy to detect the type of energies held within the kerises.

Testing of the Keris

In this detection, We will detect as much information about the keris, about the jinn / genie residing within it, we will attempt to acquire the name, gender and the primary powers of the keris / khodam. These items are considered very specific and personal to the owner. It is only throughout time, and once a solid and secure relationship has developed between the individual and the keris will more key information be released to the owner through deep meditation and continual practice.

Many kerises can be brought and kept by lay persons or spiritualists for their benefits, however, we have come across a minority of kerises which have to be attuned to you and ‘suited’ to its owner. These kerises are not common, but do exist and it is not the decision of us at Ancient Keris, but it is the keris’s energies which decline to be with just any keeper and tends to suit itself to whom it chooses. With such kerises, we will require your recent photo and will be required to perform blessings on your behalf to attune the keris to you and to check to see if it is suitable to give to the individual wishing to purchase it.

Ancient Keris will strive to provide only the positive and energetic kerises to you and it will be the responsibility of yourself to respect and maintain the kerises appropriately, in line with the guidelines, stated in the instructions given upon purchase. These will state specific prohibited behaviour / actions you should not undertake in the presence of the keris.

If you are already skilled in the occult arts then it may be easier for you to detect its powers and obtain and acquire them more quickly. The powers of the keris will not make you super human. Any powers gained are solely by the grace of God, and by the khodam or jinn residing in that item deeming you ready to receive such powers. Nevertheless, we would like to hear of your experiences with the items you have brought from us and inform us of any powers or abilities you have developed as a result of possessing them.

Our verification procedure is presented to you to give you peace of mind, whilst browsing through our site. And also for our equanimity, good will and gesture of our business practice. We continue to conduct our business by testing kerises as much as possible before we provide them to our customers to ensure the kerises are of highest quality, true identity and from the most authentic origin.

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