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Negotiation, Special Deals & Instalment Payments

Mani Zone would like to offer reduced prices on items for its customers. There are several ways you can benefit from this. Please note all deals free gift pearls and price discounts are only considered if your payment is made either by Bank Transfer. IF your payment is made via Card online you are not entitled to any free gift pearls nor discounts.

Negotiable Prices:

As well as constantly working to reduce the prices of our items, we are willing to reduce the items value, shown on the website, by a considerable amount to suit your needs. The amount of reduction in value can depend on all or either one of the following attributes; type, availability, colour, size of item and current value. Negotiation will only be considered on order values above the value of £3,500.00 GBP or $5,000 USD.
If you have your eye on a particular item, please contact us and let us know that you are interested. Remember if you do not ask, you will not get! So it’s worth a try!

Special Deals on large orders for loyal customers:

Many of you purchase many items in one large order. You can take advantage of our current monthly offers and also ask for a further discount. If you are classed as one of our loyal and repeat customers you will surely receive a discount, or even a free item of your choice!

However, we do require a request from yourselves, to ensure this discount or free item is added to your order, and added to your package; therefore you must email us soon after making your order. Use our comments box at checkout.

Instalment Payments

If we are unable to reduce or successfully negotiate a reduction in price, we will work to offer you the choice to make instalment payments. The terms of the instalment payments will be discussed with you and set up so that they suit you. However, for accounting purposes and to identify your payments, we will have to implement a time limit on each of your payments and a specified date by which you must honour the final payment.

Once you have agreed to the instalment contract, your requested item will be placed as ‘reserved’. Your item will be held by us until all payments for the item have been received by us.

Due to circumstances faced in the past, should you fail to honour your payment at the agreed due dates, without prior notification of not being able to meet them/or failure to respond to our correspondence, you item will be taken off ‘reserved’. You are also required to make all payments via bank transfer or by using one of the payment merchants i.e. Paypal, Credit Cards.

Special Deals!!!

Please Note: This special Deal only applies to Magical Pearl Orders!!

If your total order value is mixed with Keris or Magickal Items, You do not qualify for this Special Discount. The Discount offered on this page only applies to orders of Magickal Pearls Only. This offer only applies to Bank Transfers. If you pay online via Credit or Debit card or Paypal you are not entitled to any Gifts or Discounts.

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