KP-023 Keris Crubuk Keleng—MARRIED!!!


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Keris Item No: 023

Style / Dapur:    Crubuk

Era / Tangguh:   Madura, 20th Century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Keleng

Waves / Luks:   7

Handle / Hilt:   Bone

Sheath / Scabbard:  Sono Wood

Length:    13.3cm

Weight:   46 grams

Khodam/Genie/Jinn Spirit: Yes

Main Characteristic:   Protection for Woman only


Virtues: Avoids Mishaps, Accidents and Disasters. Guards from Danger and people with Ill Intention towards the user. Increases one Psychic Sensitivity, Improves Intuition, Helps women to become brave and courage’s, Helps to develop Compassion and deeper understanding of true unconditional love so that one can overcome emotional controls and jealousy/hatred.  This keris is suitable only for women. The keris was designed to protect women from any forms of danger. Obviously only suitable for women only!


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