Keris Luk 7 Handle Pandito – ZK-109


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Keris Luk 7 Handle Pandito

Metaphysical Virtues:
– Suitable for Shamans, Psychic, Mystical, Metaphysical, Occult Practitioners
– Deepens Meditation
– Awakens Spiritual Abilities
– Assist in Spiritual Development
– Protection from Negative Psychic Forces
– Wards of Demonic, Ghosts & Other Negative Astral/Etheric Creatures
– Authority Presence,
– Attracts Luck and Wealth

Keris Luk 7 Handle Pandito – Meditation And Rituals

This keris is more suitable for Metaphysical Practitioners.
Its cool flowing energies put the user into a relaxed deep state of meditation.
Those who are in any aspect of Spiritual/Metaphysical Development will benefit from this magical Item.

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