Keris Naga Bumi Earth Dragon – ZK-322


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Keris Naga Bumi Earth Dragon

General magical Virtues :
– Control and tame other keris energies and spirit entities residing on those magical objects
– Help to control other spirit entities one possessed
– Tames aggressive energies or spirits
– Neutralize the negative effects of certain keris, black magic attacks, and spell
– Neutralize negative energies in one’s aura and the aura of the house
– Block and wards off Black magic in the house or for families
– Helps to fight Ghost and negative entities
– open a path to success
– attracts good luck

Keris Naga Bumi Earth Dragon

Keris Naga Bumi Earth Dragon has similar virtues as Keris Bethok, but Keris Naga Bumi Earth Dragon has special virtues which are to help the owner focus on business wealth and bring good luck.

Keris Bethok is considered the mother of all keris and is often collected for the purpose of calming down other magical objects in the house. This is an essential item for those who have over a few kerises in their collection.

Bethok can also possess other unique skills and magical power and these are revealed to the owner over time.
This keris is suitable for anyone to keep in their home and it’s not picky for any owners.

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