Marriage Compatibility Psychic Reading


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Marriage Compatibility Psychic Reading

Scan Only

When you are selecting a marriage partner, people are told to go
with their feelings. Whilst this is an important factor, there are other factors
which you can take into consideration. We are now able to provide a report after
conducting a psychic scan to advise on your potential marriage partner, to aid
you in your decision making.

This Psychic reading will give you background information on the person you are
interested in, their personality, their characteristics and their nature. All of
which will be of interest to you should you be considering them to be a
potential marriage partner.

note, that our Psychic scans and the Psychic reports are to be used as
guidelines and for information purposes only. Anything can change and nothing is
guaranteed by the psychics. Only God possesses the Ultimate Truth on our future.

This  Psychic reading is based on the Javanese Mystical art
referred to as “Primbon”; it is often used locally before couples decide to go
into marriage in Java, Indonesia.

Psychic reading requires for both individuals to be scanned, however, more about
the ‘potential partner’ and their compatibility to you is revealed in the scan
in detail.


Details of what you will get in your Marriage Compatibility Psychic


  • Information about the ‘potential partner’s’ character and

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the ‘potential partner’

  • Their energy composition and its compatibility with your energy

  • Their animal totem and how this will affect you

  • Whether or not He/She will be loyal and their deep-level
    character/personality traits

  • Their Skills and Talents

  • Their intention towards you, this includes any hidden intentions
    if these are present

  • Problems which you may encounter with the ‘potential

  • Along with this reading, you may submit 2 additional questions of your
    choice. These questions will be passed over to our psychic who will answer
    these to the best of their ability.  



Information we require from you to conduct the
Psychic Scan:

Complete Names and Date of Birth of both individuals who are to be scanned.

and Large pictures of both individuals.

Please note: Passport sized
photographs will not be accepted. Please ensure the images are of very good
quality. Low quality images will be declined. We suggest that you use a good
Digital Camera to take the images. Please convert large files to .jpg format and
email them to us, with your contact name and details.  Please make sure your images are less
than 1 MB each in file size.


Strictly Western Union and Moeny Gram
Payment: We do not accept Credit Cards for this type of transaction.

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