KP-015 Keris Tilam Upih Watermelon


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KP-015 Keris Tilam Upih Watermelon


Keris Item No: 015

Style / Dapur:    Tilam Upih

Era / Tangguh:   Mataram, 14th Century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Kulit Semangka (English : Watermelon)

Waves / Luks:   Straight

Handle / Hilt:   Solo (Surakarta)

Sheath / Scabbard:  Gayaman Gambilan, Teak Wood

Length:    24.3cm

Weight:   111 grams

Khodam/Genie/Jinn Spirit: Yes

Main Characteristic:   Power of Wealth Magnetism


Virtues: Attracts Wealth and Sales easily. Perfect keris for Business owners, One will find he or she always has enough in anything one desires or persues for., Family Harmony. Wards of Bad Luck, Cleanses oneself from Negative Energies. Good for Business & Trade. This keris is more suitable for Business Men & Women.

Weight 5.0000 kg


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