Keris Singo Barong Qilin Lion – ZK-526


Keris Singo Barong Qilin Lion – Charming Presence

Magical Powers :
– Possesses the power of authority and commanding presence.
– Known for its charming presence and influence.
– Ability to attract wealth, Luck and fame
– Attraction Power
– Increases social circle

Magical spirit : Khodam
Dapur/Shape: Singo Barong (Qilin Lion)
Pamor: Pendaringan Kebak (Stored Rice).
Also known for its ability to attract wealth and fame.

Keris Singo Barong Qilin Lion – Magical Qilin Lion – Commanding Authority & Charming Presence

For those who want more power of authority influence and a larger social circle. Your presence will demand respect from friends and enemies.

Qilin Lion, also known as Singo Barong, is a mythical creature in Javanese culture that symbolizes power, courage, and protection. The creature is depicted as a fierce lion with a single horn and is often portrayed in various art forms such as keris handles, paintings, and sculptures. It is believed that Qilin Lion possesses magical powers that provide its owner with commanding authority and an imposing presence. Owning a Qilin Lion keris is seen as a symbol of strength and prestige, making it a highly sought-after item by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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