Keris Pandito Semedi Tangguh Padjajaran – ZK-521


Keris Pandito Semedi Tangguh Padjajaran

Keris Pandito Semedi Tangguh Padjajaran Magical virtues:

  • Suitable for Shamans, Psychic, Mystical, Metaphysical, Occult Practitioners
  • Deepens Meditation
  • Awakens Spiritual Abilities
  • Assist in Spiritual Development
  • Protection from Negative Psychic Forces
  • Wards of Demonic, Ghosts & Other Negative Astral/Etheric Creatures

Keris Pandito Semedi – Meditation And Rituals

This Keris helps one to reach higher success in any Mystical Practices, Protects one from Invading Negative forces, Helps one to tame and control Spiritual Energies. The Keris It self also Helps to Deepen meditation, helps one to develop Magical and Psychic abilities.
Its cool flowing energies put the user into a relaxed deep state of meditation.
Those who are in any aspect of Spiritual/Metaphysical Development will benefit from this magical Item.

Weight 5 kg
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