Keris Pamor Watermelon Luk 8 – ZK-438


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Keris Pamor Watermelon Luk 8


Keris Pamor Watermelon Mystical virtues :

  • Improves Confidence
  • Charismatic presence
  • Assist in influencing all those one interacts with
  • Attraction power over the opposite sex
  • Attracts luck and wealth
  • Brings peace and harmony to the household
  • Develops one’s career and success
  • Attracts wealth and prosperity
  • Wards off negative energies
  • Commanding presence
  • Helps to increase one’s social circle
  • Creates loyalty and trust amongst friends

Keris Pamor Watermelon – Influence Magical Weapon

Keris is suitable for anyone to keep. Easy to maintain and especially recommended for introverts.

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