Keris Pamor Rojo Gundolo (ULTRA RARE Collector item)- ZK-346


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Keris Pamor Rojo Gundolo

Mystical virtues :
– Good for psychic, shamanic, spiritual, or mystical practitioners
– Help to banish demonic spirits
– Help to fight dark forces
– protect user whilst on psychic & spiritual warfare against
– Ward of negative energies or spirits
– Help to tame and control aggressive spirits

Keris Pamor Rojo Gundolo – Good For Psychic User

it’s for spiritual practitioners who do healing and cleansing in moving negative spirits in a form of exorcism from an individual or home.

Especially suitable for practitioners of the magical or Spiritual Arts, Shamans, Psychics, occultists, Paranormal researchers, Anyone who meditates often will also benefit from the protection guardian of this keris. The entity aggressively protects its owner from dark forces. This keris can be used for healing people who have been possessed by a demonic entity or need to move spirit entities from a home or business premises. It also likewise is used for breaking black magical attacks and curses.

This particular one is ultra Rare and considered a True Collector’s piece, The Siluman Spirit being is clearly manifested on the blade during the time of construction. Rojo Gundolo pamors are considered one of the strongest in their magical forces.

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