Keris Omyang Jimbe – ZK-414


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Keris Omyang Jimbe

Mystical Virtues:
– Attracts Luck & Wealth
– Improves Trade & Business
– Success in Career Development
– Used for Ritual (pesugihan) to attract money through magical ways
– Helps to create a contract with spirits or entities

Keris Omyang Jimbe – Empower Rituals For Attracting Wealth Prosperity

This keris is useful for those who create rituals and rites to attract money in a magical way, it will empower rituals that are associated to attract wealth and prosperity.

Magical Keris is suitable for those who need a big boost in Business, Trades, Sales, and career development. This keris energy and its khodam Spirit entity assist the user to reach success in life with greater ease and will improve your finances. This sort of keris is also suitable for practitioners that are trying to attract wealth and positive energies through Money Magic Rituals. Suitable for anyone to keep and easy to maintain.

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