Keris Omyang Jimbe – ZK-392


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Keris Omyang Jimbe

Mystical Virtues:
– Attracts Luck & Wealth
– Improves Trade & Business
– Success in Career Development
– Used for Ritual (pesugihan) to attract money through magical ways
– Helps to create a contract with spirits or entities

Keris Omyang Jimbe – Empower Rituals For Attracting Wealth Prosperity

This keris is useful for those who create rituals and rites to attract money in a magical way, it will empower rituals that are associated to attract wealth and prosperity.

This is a unique type of keris often sought after by businessmen/women. It brings in Prosperity and Money easier to the owner, the business likely will flourish, you will find it easier to trade and make sales, unexpected sources of income and wealth will flow into the user’s hands without much effort. These Keris can further enhance ritual work associated with wealth success, business, and so forth. This particular keris is very well made detailed and holds 2 Khodamic Spirits.

Nevertheless, even if not used for ritual work this keris is a powerful item to attract and pull wealth, money from unexpected sources, it likewise can bring success in one business, trades, and sales. This specific Keris has 24carat gold inserted into the mouth area on both the human figure. It symbolizes wealth and that the owner will never suffer or have a difficult life associated with money aspects.


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