Keris Naga Siluman (Stealth Dragon) – ZK-427


Keris Naga Siluman

Mystical Powers:
– Charismatic Presence & Power of Influence
– Builds up Leadership qualities within the user (Suitable for CEO, Government Workers, Politicians Etc)
– Authority & Commanding Presence
– Inspiration & Wisdom
– Advance Warning from Danger & Accidents
– Assist to Solve Problems
– Increases Power in Magical Rituals, Mantra, and Practices of Spiritualism and mysticism
– Protection from Negative Energies
– Demonic Beings, Magical Attacks, and Spells will be deflected back to the source.

Keris Naga Siluman – Charismatic Presence

It will bring success in anything that the user will or intends for, either wealth or business success or something on the physical plane to the magical worlds in conducting rituals. This keris is suitable for people in a leadership position, politicians, or people who have a position in the organization or company. Easy to use and maintain.

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