Keris Kadga Majapahit Kingdom – ZK-266


Keris Kadga Majapahit Kingdom

magical virtues :
– assist to tame other magical object or entities
– calm down aggressive spirit
– help to wards off negative energies or bad entities
– protect from psychic or black magic attacks
– help to remove negative spirits or ghosts from premises or home
– help to create protected personal space in meditation room

Keris Kadga Majapahit kingdom

This keris is suitable for anyone to keep in their home and it’s not picky for any owners.
The above are general virtues of the kadga keris, this particular keris unique magical powers will reveal itself to the owner over time.

Keris Kadga shamanic blade to tame aggressive Ghosts & Demonic entities.

Weight 7.0000 kg


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