Keris Jasmine Melati Tumpuk Pamor Wengkon – ZK-355


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Keris Jasmine Melati Tumpuk Pamor Wengkon

Magical virtues :
– Powerful for attracting wealth and prosperity
– Increases business trade and success
– Increases clients and business sales
– Powerful for career development
– Stabilize one income and finances
– especially suitable for anyone in business or online trading
– Protection from negative people, jealousy curses, spells and magical attacks whilst attracting wealth and positive energies that helps in building up business and career.

Magical Symbol Of Keris Jasmine Melati Tumpuk pamor wengkon

This keris is has similar virtues as Keris Golden rain udan mas and it has dual pamor, keris that have focus on wealth also as a magical protector. This magical object is highly sought after by an avid keris collector. It is known that those who collect the udan mas keris usually always have success in wealth and prosperity.
This keris is very rare and beautiful. It will suitable to anyone and easy to maintain.

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