Keris Dragon Lawe Saukel Luk 14 – ZK-435—SOLD!!!


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Keris Dragon Lawe Saukel

– Powerful Against Negative Energies, Black Magic Attacks, Psychic Attacks, Negative Spells directed to the user or family.
– Protects one Home from Negative Spirits, Demonic Beings, and Ghosts or Paranormal Activities from disturbances.
– Helps clear out any problem that occur.
– Suitable for political career.

Keris Dragon Lawe Saukel

Suitable for anyone, can be installed for one home or places where there are lots of Paranormal activities going on with disturbances from Astral Creatures, Demonic Beings, or Ghosts.
More influence for Military, Politicians, Governors, Businessmen, Or Anyone That Wants To Raise Their Position In Government, Legal, Police, Military

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