Keris Double Dragon Pamor Kulit Semangka (Ultra Rare & Super Class) – ZK-512


Keris Double Dragon Pamor Kulit Semangka

Magical Virtues :
– Increases One’s Business, Trades, and Sales
– Avoid Mishaps, Disasters, Negative People, and those who seek to destroy the owner from jealousy
– Wards of Negative Spirits Entities, Ghost, Demonic Beings and
– Deflect attacks from Other Shamans or Black Magicians.
– Deflect all the types of Black Magick, Psychic Attacks, Spells and Curses,
– Success in any endeavor that you take on
– Give one the power to tackle/tame difficultly individual/personalities
– Assist in all aspects of career development

Magical Keris Double Dragon Sword

Considered a Super Class by collectors and Empowered Gold in both mouths of the Dragon.
This keris is contained 2 Powerful Spirit Entities both highly positive and driven to assist its owner to success.
Especially powerful to Assist the owner in all aspects of Life, Especially Business, Trade, and Wealth Management.

Weight 5 kg
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