Keris Brojol Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanang – ZK-528


Keris Brojol Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanang – Protection from Negative Energies and Bad Luck

Magical Powers:
The Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanan is believed to provide various benefits to its owner, such as:
– Protection from harm and danger
– Enhancement of physical and spiritual strength
– Attraction of positive energies and good luck
– Improvement of social status and reputation
– Strengthening of one’s leadership and decision-making abilities

Dapur/Shape : Brojol
Pamor: Simbang & Sodo Lanang (Two Pamor)
Era: Mataram Kingdom (15th – 16th Century)

Keris Brojol Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanang – Black Magic Protection

The Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanang is a unique and highly regarded pattern found in the blade of a Keris. This particular pamor is believed to possess powerful magical virtues such as protection against negative energy and black magic, attracting good luck, prosperity, and positive energy, as well as enhancing one’s inner strength, courage, and leadership abilities.
The Pamor Simbang Sodo Lanang is highly sought after by collectors and spiritual practitioners alike due to its reputation for bringing significant benefits to its owner. Its intricate design and rich history make it a valuable addition to any Keris collection.

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