Keris Brojol Flowing Gold (Pancuran Mas) – ZK-525


Keris Brojol Flowing Gold (Pancuran Mas)- Attracts Wealth, Fortune, and Luck

Magical virtues :
– Charged with the power to attract positive energies associated with abundance, wealth, prosperity, success, and business trade/sales.
– Helps one to become lucky in all endeavors.
– Contains magical symbols of three swirls.

Magical Spirit : Khodam
Pamor : Simbang Sodo Lanan
Era : Mataram

Keris Brojol Pancuran Mas Flowing Gold

This magical Keris blade is suitable for individuals of any gender and profession. It has the ability to guide one towards a path that attracts positive benefits into their life, regardless of their field of work. Whether one is in business, politics, trade or sales, this Keris can provide an incredible boost. It does not discriminate against its owner and is open to all.

Although the pamor of this Keris is a rare type, it is still considered young as it was produced by an Indonesian shaman in the 19th century. Despite this, it possesses an extraordinary amount of magical power and is highly exquisite. The blade features three magical swirls, a well-known symbol that represents a flow of straight lines, indicating the flow of gold (money) towards the user.

Although the primary function of the Keris is to attract wealth, fortune, and luck, it also possesses the secondary virtue of deflecting black magical attacks by other shamans, wizards, or witches. This ability can help to defend one’s assets, wealth, and businesses from magical spells or attacks.

The Triskele or Triple Spiral is widely regarded as the oldest symbol of spirituality. Its etymology derives from the Greek words “Tri” and “Skelos” meaning “three legs”.

This significant spiritual marking is believed to have originated from the ancient Irish culture and is composed of three interconnecting spirals. It was widely believed by the Irish that significant events occur in sets of three, and it is often said that “the third time’s the charm.” This belief has endured over time and continues to hold relevance in modern times.

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