Keris Bethok Omyang Jimbe Pamor Mrambut – ZK-064


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Keris Bethok Omyang Jimbe Pamor Mrambut

General Virtues:
– Attracts Luck & Wealth
– Improves Trade & Business
– Success in Career Development

Special virtues of Pamor :
– Build authority presence
– Deflect all types of bad luck; money lost; illness; accidents
– Deflect Natural disaster surround the owner

Keris Bethok Omyang Jimbe Pamor Mrambut- Mystical Keris Swords for Attracting Wealth Prosperity

The pamor of this keris is describing flowing water, which means constant wealth and luck for the owner, and most special of this keris virtues are deflect all bad luck. This keris is useful for those in business and trading, the keris and its Spiritual entity helps one to gain success and prosperity easier.

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