Hindu Ritual Dagger (Keris Jangkung Mayit)- ZK-529


Hindu Ritual Dagger (Keris Jangkung Mayit) for Prestige, Power, Protection & Luck

Magical Virtues :
– Powerful for attracting wealth and prosperity
– Increases business trade and success
– Increases clients and business sales
– Powerful for career development
– Stabilize one income and finances
– especially suitable for anyone in business or online trading
– Good for attracting positive energies

Dapur/Shape: Jangkung Mayit.
Era: Singosari Kingdom (Hindu Kingdom)
Pamor: Pulo Tirto (Prestige, Protection, Luck, Positive Energies).

Hindu Ritual Dagger (Keris Jangkung Mayit) – Singosari Kingdom

The Pamor Pulo Tirto is a specific pattern found on the blade of a keris, a traditional Javanese dagger. It is believed to possess certain magical properties that can bring good luck, protection, and prosperity to its owner. The Pamor Pulo Tirto is said to be particularly effective in providing protection against physical harm and negative energies. It is also believed to bring good fortune and help its owner in achieving success and prosperity in various aspects of life, including business and relationships. In Javanese culture, owning a keris with the Pamor Pulo Tirto is seen as a symbol of prestige and power, and it is highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts.

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