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Throughout the centuries the power of the blade has fascinated man. Yet the forces contained within the Keris or Kris as it is sometimes known, go far beyond that of metal honed to perfection.

Indonesia is the renown home of the Keris and the distinction between this piece of weaponry and other swords or daggers comes with the spiritual forces which are invested in it during forging. Each piece is made not only with a specific intention but it is also invested with an individual spirit intelligence. Ultimately the Keris provides arms which usurp even the most superlative precision tool, because it combines raw, powerful reality with a spiritual energy which can be utilized for either good or evil.

Although rarely heard of in the West the Kris provides its keeper with a superlative magical weapon immersed with the mystical spirit of Khodams, Jinns or Genies which develop and grow more powerful with the passage of time as they are fed with the perfumes of either aromatic oils or incense.

The manufacture of the Keris cannot be undertaken by ordinary blacksmiths, this work is done by specialist craftsmen called, Empu who not only have the skills of the metal forger but are also honored with spiritual prowess which they confer on each weapon they make. As a result Empu are highly revered in Indonesian society not only for their skills but also for the specific spiritual natures they are able to bestow on each blade.

Because the Keris is empowered with spirits it is not considered to be simply a weapon and often it is used as a ceremonial piece or even to confer social status. Neither is the Keris gender specific, the entitlement for women both to own and wear this venerable armament is just as significant as it is for men.

Each Keris we sell holds an indwelling spirit from which only positive energy flows. The occult item you select may be used to protect the keeper, perform rites, confer good luck or fulfill desires. Others are empowered to provide wealth or even aide with your spiritual development. But whatever your needs you can be certain that our range can provide a Keris to exceed requirements. Whether you are an apprentice or an advanced practitioner of the mystical arts, our catalogue will entrance and enthrall you.

The Kris goes far beyond being an Indonesian spiritual object, it is an heirloom which, in its native lands, is passed down from generation to generation. It is something to be valued, revered and treasured and is an object which is a far cry from most of those in our modern cast-off society. It is history projected into the future and instills values and beliefs which promote only good, with each being energized by a Khodam, or occasionally a Jinn or Genie, which by their very nature will help you manage the passage of your existence.

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