KP-014 Keris Jalak Sangu Tumpeng 01—Married


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KP-014 Keris Jalak Sangu Tumpeng 01—Married


Keris Item No: 014

Style / Dapur:    Jalak Sangu Tumpeng

Era / Tangguh:   Madura, 20th Century

Surface Pattern / Pamor: Kulit Semangka (English : Watermelon)

Waves / Luks:   Straight

Handle / Hilt:   Solo (Surakarta)

Sheath / Scabbard:  Gayaman Solo Timoho Wood

Length:    36.1cm

Weight:   267 grams

Khodam/Genie/Jinn Spirit: Yes

Main Characteristic:   Increases Influence and Repel Bad Luck


Virtues: Adaptation to environments, Attracts Fortune & Blessings, Attracts the Opposite sex, Popularity/Fame, Those who hold high position will find their staff acting in a more affectionate manner with love and respects. Avoided from disaster. Deflects Magickal Attacks.  Increases one’s personal magnetism, Power of Influence. Helps to win in Disputes and Arguments. Deflects Magickal Attacks and Spells. Wards of Negative Demonic forms of Spirit beings. Helps to Attractive Positive vibe into ones home resulting in Blessing and Domestic harmony. Improves Business/Trade/Sales.

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