Keris Tilam Upih Pamor Udan Mas – ZK-527


Keris Tilam Upih pamor Udan Mas – attract wealth and prosperity

Magical virtues :
– Possesses the ability to attract wealth and prosperity effortlessly.
– Improves trade sales and all forms of business.
– Increases clients and business sales
– Powerful for career development
– Has the power to attract luck
– Stabilize income and finances
– Easily attain someone into a higher status and position

Dapur/Shape: Tilam Upih.
Era: 19th Century.
Pamor:Udan Emas (Golden Rain).

Keris Tilam Upih pamor Udan Mas

This keris is focusing on increasing wealth. This magical object is highly sought after by an avid keris collector. It is known that those who collect the udan mas keris usually always have success in wealth and prosperity.

Pamor Udan Mas is a distinctive and rare pattern found on the blade of a keris, a traditional Javanese dagger. The pattern is characterized by its wavy lines that resemble golden raindrops falling from the sky. It is believed that the pattern possesses magical properties that can bring wealth and prosperity to the owner. The golden raindrops are thought to represent abundance and good fortune, and owning a keris with this pattern is believed to bring success in business and improve trade sales. Due to its rarity and association with positive energy, the Pamor Udan Mas keris is highly valued by collectors and is considered to be a prized possession among enthusiasts.

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