Keris Pusaka Wijaya Kusuma


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Keris Pusaka Wijaya Kusuma

Ancient Pusaka Magical Item, Only 1 as shown!

Circa: Around 12 Century



These Magical Pusaka objects are fashioned in the same manner as Keris blades, undergoing complex magickal rituals by their creators “Empu”, but unlike keris blades these objects take on numerous shapes.

The Magickal objects are known as Pusaka “Family Heirloom” they contain Khodamic Spirits & Magickal powers. No Mantra or Ritual process is required to keep and use them; the best thing about these blades is that, they more or less working on their own accord, unless the user engages in psychic communication with the Spirit Entity.

Just install these in your home or business place for its magickal power to effect the psychic atmosphere. They require anointment with Jasmine or Sandalwood once a month to maintain its power levels.


This Magical Pusaka is over hundreds of years old and date back around 12-13th century. The Khodamic Spirit of these items are all unique in there power levels, abilities/Skills. Some of these items are very rare and hardly ever leave Indonesia.

Even though we are stating the general magickal virtues these items possess their own unique powers and virtues which are not being stated here. These will manifest or one can communicate directly with the khodamic spirit to investigate further.


General Virtues:

Magickal Khodamic Assistance

Attracts Wealth & Prosperity

Improves Trades/Business

Assist in Personal Problems/Relationships

Wards of Negative Spirits, Demonic Entities

Guards one and one’s family home from Black Magick, Spells, Witchcraft etc

Increases one power of Attraction/Personal Magnetism

Assist in Magickal Practices


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