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Business Name Psychic Analysis


Report on Occult Business Logo/Symbol & Name

Many successful and elite businesses have trade secrets, one of
which is to pay particular attention to the names of their businesses and the
logos they use to represent themselves to the world.

It is
widely known in many cultures that names hold great power and some names are
more auspicious than others, similarly, there are signs and symbols which are
also more favourable than others.

thriving and established businesses, have aided themselves by creatively using
words of power and symbols of the occult. There are many government
organisations and corporate businesses that have followed suit to these methods.

and symbols can draw in certain magical energies, which can help those people
under it to achieve a successful goal.

We can
assist in choosing a suitable business name and logo for your business or
organisation which can in turn help you bring in more positive energy and power
to your cause. It is possible that although your business idea is plausible and
workable, the wrong name and logo can draw negative magical energies and your
luck in business can diminish as a result of this.

Do not
make the mistake of selecting a poor business name which will not draw in
blessings and power for your company. A powerful logo and business name will aid
your business to build a firm foundation to build future successes on.

We can
analyse and scan up to 13 potential business names and up to 7 logos. We will
pick 3 highly recommendable names and will pick 1 logo design.

services should only be used as guidelines; the final decision is always in your
hands, we are unable to guarantee the success of your business as there are too
many other factors which can also determine the growth and success of it.
However, by being advised on the most desirable names and logo, we can assist to
you to make a wiser decision.

Information we require from you to conduct the Scan:

  • Business Owner’s Full Name and Date of Birth

  • Picture of the Business Owner

  • Business Names (up to 13 potential names can be

  • Business Logos (up to 7 different logos can be

  • Nature of Business (i.e. type of business activities), please
    also state your mission, objectives, goals and desired outcomes of your

Please note: Ensure the images are of very good quality. Low
quality images will be declined. We suggest that you use a good Digital Camera
to take the images. Please convert large files to .jpg format and email them to
us, with your contact name and details. 
make sure your images are less than 1 MB each in file size.

Strictly Western Union or Money
Gram Trasnaction No Credit Cards Please.

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